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REDKEN Recognizes Corrine from NOGGINZ Hairshop as a Certified Haircolorist

April 2008 (New York, NY) - Achieving predictable haircolor results can be a challenge for some clients due to many factors - consultation, colorist's skill level and technique.  REDKEN is certifying top colorist and calling them REDKEN Certified Haircolorists.


Highlighting these highly trained colorists, dedicated to their craft and investing in becoming the best, will make it easier for clients to connect with credible colorists.

Corrine at Nogginz Hairshop has passed the certification exam (written, practical and scenario) to become a REDKEN Certified Haircolorist.  With a comprehensive understanding of haircolor principles, creative color, foil placement, color correction and the consultation process, her clients are guaranteed to receive exceptional service and color results.


"Color Certification was designed to recognize and reward top colorists.  Our accreditation process assesses their technical skills, knowledge of haircolor products and principles and their approach to color formulation, application and color correction.  An individual that becomes certified will excel in the area of haircolor and provide top notch service to their clients," explains Christine Schuster, senior Vice President of education for



To schedule an appointment with Corrine from Nogginz Hairshop, you can call 734-475-7411.


Color Menu


This is a great natural look without the commitment of touch-ups. Done without foils or caps, this French technique is very popular!

Dimensional Color

Placing different colors in a customized pattern throughout your hair. This technique can take on different looks with the different ways you wear your hair


Get your feet wet with a little splash of color! Starting at just $25, it's a great choice for someone new at color or just wants to add a little dimension to their hair.

Color Correction

WARNING: Beer and box colors don't mix! Don't worry, usually it's an easy fix.


Foils are still the most popular technique to highlight hair.

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